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Ceramic Lessons can be for wheel throwing or hand building depending on what you choose. An hour of making and a 15-minute Demo will get you started on a journey of creation. You will leave the class learning basic skills about either technique and you’ll leave with your own original art piece that will be fired and glazed with your color of choice. It will take about 3 weeks to complete your piece as it has to be trimmed by the instructor, fired twice, and glazed with a color of your choice. 

0103_DSC_2423_Estafany Rodriguez_Artist Portrait Shoot_Feb 2023_Final_Low Res.jpg



0056_DSC_6442_Estafany Rodriguez_Artist Portrait Shoot_Feb 2023_Final_Low Res.jpg

Groups of Four


Ceramic Lessons

Painting Lessons

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Learn at your pace


Light on Painting

Group Rates

Up to 4 People


Acrilic Paints

Group Rates

5 or more people

$40 each

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